Corporate Finance

Does the company’s actual growth correspond with its internal capacity? Does the company have sufficient means to finance the desired growth? What are the possibilities for further business growth? Does the company’s business activity increase or reduce the shareholder value? Does the company’s capital structure support an increase in value? How to improve the current performance?

Services we offer:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • General financial advice
  • Valuation of the Company and its parts
  • Creating financial models, including budget preparation
  • Strategic consulting

Business restructuring services

Does the growth of your company meet your expectations? Why hasn’t the company achieved expected profitability? Does the company have a budget and is it regularily monitored? Does the company have the key perfomance indicators (KPI) and management reports for efficiency and decisions?

Services we offer:

  • Determining fundamental reasons behind current situation
  • Defining and implementing a strategic restructuring plan
  • Preparing short- and long-term financial prognoses for the company (including monthly budget)
  • Developing and introducing efficiency indicators and management reports
  • Assessment of possible mergers, sales and acquisitions and their effects for the business

Expert assessment

Does the business owner know the actual values of his/her company or his/her share (investment)? Does the business owner know what affects the actual value of his/her company or his/her investment? Does the company need an evaluation about its ability to pay (liquidity)? Does the company know how much it need additional capital to recover (improve) its ability to pay? Does the company know the reasons that cause temporary insolvency?

Services we offer:

  • Valuation of the Company or its parts

  • The company’s solvency assessment

  • Identification of the need for capital